Australian Afternoon Tea

Limited Edition Packs

Yes, it's true - it's been a year since Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea has hit supermarket shelves around the country and we're pleased to announce it's HERE TO STAY - because you love it! 

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary we have Limited Edition Packs available only at Coles supermarkets now (while stocks last) with increased donations for the RSPCA. 

Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea Twin Packs (100PK Australian Afternoon Tea & 100PK English Breakfast or Earl Grey) with a $1 Donation and Twinings Australian Afternoon Tea Tin Packs with a 50c Donation.

We want to say a big thank you to every one of you who supported our mission to find Australia’s own Twinings Afternoon tea blend in 2011.... the number of people who really got behind the competition was outstanding (and there were thousands of you!!!!) and helped make it as exciting as it was. We'd also like to thank our Top 5 blenders and their charities who were really great sports.

In case you're only just finding out about all of this now, our Top 5 Blenders were Alan Jones, Kerri-Anne & John Kennerley, John Williamson, Kevin Rudd and Layne Beachley. Not quite sure what this is all about? Let us fill you in with all the details of the Challenge.

A blend designed for Australia... we can all drink to that!

  • English Breakfast English Breakfast

    English Breakfast

    Invigorate the senses and welcome in the day...

  • Earl Grey Earl Grey

    Earl Grey

    Light, aromatic & uplifting... Wouldn't you agree Earl?

  • Assam Bold Assam Bold

    Assam Bold

    For lovers of good, strong cups of tea...

  • Lady Grey Lady Grey

    Lady Grey

    To liven the spirit and brighten your day...

  • Irish Breakfast Irish Breakfast

    Irish Breakfast

    A rich flavoured cuppa, to inspire greatness, or just great conversation..

  • Australian Afternoon Tea Australian Afternoon Tea

    Australian Afternoon Tea

    A full bodied blend designed especially for Australia...

  • Traditional Afternoon Traditional Afternoon

    Traditional Afternoon

    This blend is smooth and satisfying... cake optional!

  • Prince of Wales Prince of Wales

    Prince of Wales

    Deliciously smooth and velvety - we mean the tea, not the prince...

  • Chai Chai


    Spice up your day with ginger, cinnamon and a smile...

  • Chai & Vanilla Chai & Vanilla

    Chai & Vanilla

    Subtle and spicy... who says vanilla is just for ice-cream?

  • Russian Caravan Russian Caravan

    Russian Caravan

    Strange name, great delicate nutty taste...

  • Ceylon Orange Pekoe Ceylon Orange Pekoe

    Ceylon Orange Pekoe

    Smooth and refreshingly good - feel summery even when it's not...

  • Darjeeling Darjeeling


    Known as the champagne of teas...

  • Lapsang Souchong Lapsang Souchong

    Lapsang Souchong

    Strong & smoky... Is 'Adventourous' your middle name?

  • Lemon Scented Lemon Scented

    Lemon Scented

    Sunshine in a cup!

  • Brisk English Morning Brisk English Morning

    Brisk English Morning

    We have selected the highest quality tea leaves..

  • Vintage Earl Grey Vintage Earl Grey

    Vintage Earl Grey

    In Georgian times..